[gris-016-cd] GURTHANG "Dimensions OF Grey", 2012 (Poland).
The next album, already known group of Poland. This material differs from the previous works of this group a little. It consists of compositions which have been written down at various times, but entered into one edition.
As always the group immerses us in black depths funeral doom metal, using thus unique, own atmosphere. A bewitching alloy of sharp guitars, the atmospheric keyboard and released, depressive vocal.
One of the most original groups, this direction, in Poland.
High-quality, gray/back polygraphic cover, 4 page stitches - in. Original design. Under transparent, cd boxing. The disk pro-printed cd-r, with put is grey by white printable on a disk. Circulation 99 copies.
GRIS Records / gris-016-CD
издан : июль 2012 / тираж : 99
pro-printed CD-r

"Dimensions OF Grey"

(atmospheric funeral black doom metal)

1. Descending The Unveiled Darkness
2. The Demons Of Those Years
3. In The Edge
4. Irreverent Beholder
5. Violin Of The Voiceless
6. Into A Black Abyss
7. Frozen Is The Light
8. Forgotten Deity
9. The Last One
10. XVI.XI

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Серо-черно-белый 4-х стр. буклет, с/ч диск.

30 грн. для Украины и
150 рос.руб. для России и Белоруси
6 Eur. for Europe

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